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Model 17580 Air Conditioning Component Flusher
To prevent eye injury, do not look into a component to observe airow even while wearing
protective goggles.
Operating Instructions
Use the following steps to operate the usher:
1. Turn the selection valve on the control panel to the OFF position.
2. Ground the usher to the vehicle by attaching the ground clamp to the
negative battery terminal or other source of ground on the vehicle.
3. Add one gallon of ush solvent to the ll port.
4. Connect shop air to the unit’s air inlet (80–150 psi).
5. Install A/C component ush adapters as required to the vehicle A/C
components to be ushed. Connect the usher discharge hose to the inlet
/ outlet of the component being ushed.
Recommended Flush/Backush Procedure:
When ushing a condenser and/or high pressure liquid lines, ush from
the outlet end of unit rst; then backush in the opposite direction.
When ushing an evaporator, ush from the inlet side of the unit to the
outlet rst; then backush in the opposite direction.
This sequencing will ensure the maximum ushing action is obtained.
Solvent purges from the system faster after the ushing operations are
6. Connect the return hose to the remaining adapter.
To prevent an
electrical shock
or an explosion,
ground the usher
to the vehicle
before use by
attaching the
ground clamp
to the negative
battery terminal
or other source
of ground on the
Avoid solvent
spillage on painted
areas. Solvents
can peel paint from
a vehicle. Read
all warnings on
solvent containers.
This manual contains important safety procedures concerning the operation, use, and
maintenance of this product. Failure to follow the instructions contained in this manual
may result in serious injury. If you are unable to understand any of the contents of this
manual, please bring it to the attention of your supervisor. Do not operate this equipment
unless you have read and understand the contents of this manual.
Operating Instructions