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Air Agitation
Air Agitation
Sight Glass
Solvent Fill
Control Panel
Flushing a Component
Use the following steps to ush a component:
1. Turn the lter valve to FILTER.
2. Turn the selection valve to FLUSH.
3. The AIR AGITATION valve can be opened during the ush cycle to
control the amount of air bubbles being injected into the solvent. The
intensity of the air agitation can be viewed through the sight glass on the
control panel.
4. After ushing for 20 minutes, turn the selection valve to OFF.
Purging a Component
Use the following steps to purge the solvent from a component:
1. Open the selection valve slightly (toward PURGE) until most liquid
solvent has been purged from the inlet and discharge hoses.
2. Turn the lter valve to BYPASS.
3. Slowly turn the selection valve all the way to PURGE.
Note: Slowly opening the selection valve to PURGE reduces solvent odors
and extends the life of the carbon lter element.
4. Purge the system for a minimum of 30 minutes to completely evacuate
any traces of ushing solvent from the component.
5. Turn the selection valve to OFF.
Operating Instructions