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17580 Flusher
Filter Valve
Selection Valve
Air Agitation Valve
Control Panel
Tool Tray
Air Agitation
Sight Window
Solvent Fill Port
Use the 17580 Air Conditioning Component Flusher to clean unwanted oil,
residue, and contaminants from inside A/C condensers and evaporators.
The usher uses a pulsating action to circulate solvent through components
to loosen and dissolve unwanted material inside the components. The air-
agitation feature allows the user to control the ow of bubbles through
the solvent for further agitation inside the components. The usher then
evaporates solvent from components after ushing by cir cu lating dry air
through the components at a high rate. The 17580 Flusher comes equipped
with a carbon lter to reduce solvent odors.
The 17580 Flusher has been factory tested and meets Robinair’s stringent
quality standards. This unit* will provide you with years of reliable service
with minimal maintenance.
Read and understand all warnings and cautions before using the usher.
“Unit” describes the 17580 Flusher throughout this manual.
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