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STEP1 Getting started
Press and hold the ON/OFF button ( ) to
turn the TD-4000/4100N off. Pull up the left
and right levers on the TD-4000/4100N under
the RD Roll compartment cover, and open
the RD Roll compartment cover.
Squeeze the green lever and adjust the
guide to fit the width of the RD roll. Use the
scale molded in the rear compartment to
assist positioning this guide.
Slide the end of the RD roll under
the gap (media) sensor.
If the end of the RD roll has not been
fed under the gap (media) sensor, the
TD-4000/4100N may not be able to
detect the media properly.
Insert a RD roll into the roll compartment upside
down with the labels feeding from the bottom as
Check the position of the roll guide and adjust it to
prevent the RD roll from moving sideways.
Incorrect insertion of the RD roll will not print on the correct
side of the label.
7 Setting the RD Roll
Gap sensor