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The Machine
The machine is a precision machine. Do not drop, hit or otherwise bang the machine.
Do not lift the machine by the RD Roll compartment cover. The cover could come off and
the machine could fall and become damaged.
The machine may malfunction if left near a television, radio, etc. Do not use the machine
near any machine that can cause electromagnetic interference.
Do not insert any objects into or block the label output slot, USB port, Serial port or LAN
Use only the interface cable (USB cable) included with the machine.
When not in use for an extended period, remove the RD Roll from the machine.
Do not attempt to print labels while the RD roll compartment cover is open.
Power Cord
You should put the machine near an easily accessible, standard electrical socket.
RD Roll
Use only genuine Brother accessories and supplies (with mark).
If the label is attached to a wet, dirty, or oily surface, it may peel off easily. Before
applying the label, clean the surface to which the label will be applied.
RD Roll uses thermal paper so that ultraviolet rays, wind, and rain may cause the color
of the label to fade and the ends of the label to peel off.
Do not expose the RD Rolls to direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, or dust.
Store in a cool, dark place. Use the RD Rolls soon after opening the package.
Scratching the printed surface of the label with your finger nails or metal objects, or
touching the printed surface with hands dampened by water, sweat, or medicated cream,
etc., can cause the color to change or fade.
Do not apply labels to any persons, animals, or plants. In addition, never apply labels to
public or private property without permission.
RD Roll
Be careful not to drop the RD Roll.
RD Rolls use thermal paper. Both the
label and print will fade with sunlight and
heat. Do not use RD Rolls for outdoor
use that requires durability.
Depending on the area, material, and
environmental conditions, the label may
unpeel or become irremovable, the color
of the label may change or be
transferred to other objects.
Before applying the label, check the
environmental condition and the
material. Test the label by affixing a
small piece of it to an inconspicuous
area of the intended surface.
General Precautions