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Basic Operation
Other UPS Features (Rear Panel)
AC Receptacles: Your UPS features IEC-320-C13 outlets. These output
receptacles provide your connected equipment with AC line power during
normal operation and battery power during blackouts and brownouts. The UPS
protects equipment connected to these receptacles against damaging surges and
line noise.
Communications Ports (USB or RS-232): These ports connect your UPS to
any workstation or server. Use with Tripp Lite’s PowerAlert Software and
included cables to enable your computer to automatically save open files and
shut down equipment during a blackout. Also use PowerAlert Software to mon-
itor a wide variety of AC line power and UPS operating conditions. Consult
your PowerAlert Software manual or contact Tripp Lite Customer Support for
more information. See “USB and RS-232 Serial Communications” in the
“Optional Installation” section for installation instructions.
Telephone/Network Protection Jacks: These jacks protect your equipment
against surges over a telephone/network data line. Connecting your equipment
to these jacks is optional. Your UPS will work properly without this connection.
Not compatible with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) applications.
Voltage DIP Switches: These switches enable the UPS to be set to match
actual input voltage. If the Voltage DIP Switches are set above or below input
voltage, the UPS will treat the input as a continuous overvoltage or undervolt-
age condition, and will automatically adjust input voltage to match the Voltage
DIP Switch setting. This will cause constant, unnecessary wear on the UPS.
Note: The Voltage DIP Switches must be set with the UPS turned OFF and
disconnected from utility power. If the switches are set while the UPS is
connected to utility power, the setting will not take effect.
Accessory Slot: Remove the small cover panel from this slot to install option-
al accessories to remotely monitor and control your UPS. Refer to your acces-
sory’s manual for installation instructions. Contact Tripp Lite Customer
Support at (773) 869-1234 for more information, including a list of available
SNMP, network management and connectivity products.
Input Breaker (SMX1500SLT): Protect your electrical circuit from overcur-
rent draw from the UPS load. If this breaker trips, remove some of the load,
then reset by pressing the breaker in.
Fan: The fan cools the UPS's internal components. It operates only when the
UPS is in battery backup mode, is charging its batteries or is carrying a heavy
electrical load.
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