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Optional Installation
These connections are optional. Your UPS will function
properly without these connections.
USB and RS-232 Serial
Use the included USB cable (see ) and/or DB9 serial
cable (see ) to connect the communication port on
your computer to the communication port of your
UPS. Install on your computer the Tripp Lite
PowerAlert Software appropriate to your computer’s
operating system.
Telephone/Network Protection Jacks
Your UPS has jacks that protect against surges over a
telephone line or a network dataline. Using telephone
or network data cables, connect your wall jack to the
UPS jack marked “IN.” Connect your equipment to
the UPS jack marked “OUT.” Make sure the
equipment you connect to the UPS's jacks is also
protected against surges on the AC line.
Not compatible with PoE (Power Over Ethernet) applications.
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