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Important Safety Instructions
This manual contains important instructions that should be followed during the installation, operation
and storage of all Tripp Lite UPS Systems. Failure to heed these warnings will void your warranty.
UPS Location Warnings
• Use caution when lifting UPS.
• Install your UPS indoors, away from excess moisture or heat, dust or direct sunlight.
• For best performance, the ambient temperature near your UPS should be between 0° C and
40° C (between 32° F and 104° F).
• Leave adequate space around all sides of the UPS for proper ventilation. Do not obstruct its
vents or fan openings.
UPS Connection Warnings
• The UPS contains its own energy source (battery). The output terminals may be live even
when the UPS is not connected to an AC supply.
• Connect your UPS to a properly grounded AC power outlet. Do not modify the UPS’s plug
in a way that would eliminate the UPS’s connection to ground. Do not use adapters that
eliminate the UPS’s connection to ground.
• Do not plug your UPS into itself; this will damage the UPS and void your warranty.
• If you are connecting your UPS to a motor-powered AC generator, the generator must provide
filtered, frequency-regulated computer-grade output.
Equipment Connection Warnings
• Do not use Tripp Lite UPS Systems for life support applications in which a malfunction or
failure of a Tripp Lite UPS System could cause failure or significantly alter the performance
of a life-support device.
• Do not connect surge suppressors or extension cords to the output of your UPS. This might
overload the UPS and will void the surge suppressor and UPS warranties.
Battery Warnings
• Batteries can present a risk of electrical shock and burn from high short-circuit current.
Observe proper precautions. Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire. Do not open the UPS or
batteries. Do not short or bridge the battery terminals with any object. Unplug and turn off the
UPS before performing battery replacement. Use tools with insulated handles. There are no
user-serviceable parts inside the UPS. Battery replacement should be performed only by
authorized service personnel using the same number and type of batteries (sealed Lead-Acid).
The batteries are recyclable. Refer to your local codes for disposal requirements. Tripp Lite
offers a complete line of UPS System Replacement Battery Cartridges (R.B.C.). Visit Tripp
Lite on the Web at www.tripplite.com to locate the specific replacement battery for your UPS.
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