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Voltage Battery cartridge Operating time Charger
18 V
1822 Approx. 190 min.
1833 Approx. 220 min.
1834 Approx. 260 min.
1835 Approx. 300 min.
Storing battery cartridge
Always charge the Nickel Metal Hydride battery car-
tridge beforestoring it when youdo not useit for more
than six months.
Head angle (Fig. 3)
The head anglecan be adjusted infour stages.Adjust
as desired.
Replacing bulb (Fig.4&5)
The bulb is very hot immediately after operation. Wait
until the bulb cools off before attempting to replace it.
First, turn the ring counterclockwise and remove the
reflector. Then replace the bulb.
Shoulder strap (Fig. 6)
Install the strap on the tool.
To maintain product safety and reliability, repairs,
maintenance oradjustment should becarried out bya
Makita Authorized Service Center.
These accessories or attachments are recommended
for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual.
The use of any other accessories or attachments
might present a risk of injury to persons. The acces-
sories or attachments should be used only in the
proper and intended manner.
Bulb set (2 pcs)
Shoulder strap