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For USA only
Recycling the Battery
The only way to dispose of a Makita battery is to recycle it. The law
prohibits any other method of disposal.
To recycle the battery:
1. Remove the battery from the tool.
2. a). Take the battery to your nearest Makita Factory Service Center
b). Take the battery to your nearest Makita Authorized Service Center or Distributor that has been
designated as a Makita battery recycling location.
Call your nearest Makita Service Center or Distributor to determine the location that provides Makita
battery recycling. See your local Yellow Pages under ‘‘Tools-Electric’’.
Charge the battery cartridge with the Makita charger before use. To remove the battery cartridge, withdraw it
from the flashlight while pressing the buttons on both sides of the cartridge. After charging, insert the battery
cartridge into the flashlight all the way until it locks in place with a little click. (Fig. 1)
Battery cartridges 1200, 1200A, 1202, 1202A can be used on ML120 if you install the set plate. Install the set
plate on ML120 with the screw provided as shown in Fig. 2.
The following tables indicate the operating time on a single charge.
Voltage Battery cartridge Operating time Charger
12 V
Approx. 110 min.
DC1201, C1470, DC1411,
DC1422, DC1439, DC1801
Approx. 160 min.
DC1201, DC1411, DC1422,
DC1439, DC1801
1233 Approx. 190 min.
DC1411, DC1422,
DC1439, DC1801
1234 Approx. 220 min.
Approx. 260 min.
If youuse a powerchecking battery onModel ML120,the power checkingbattery will notindicate the remaining
battery capacity properly.
Voltage Battery cartridge Operating time Charger
14.4 V
1420 Approx. 110 min.
DC1470, DC1411, DC1422,
DC1439, DC1801
1422 Approx. 160 min.
DC1411, DC1422,
DC1439, DC1801
1433 Approx. 190 min.
DC1411, DC1422,
DC1439, DC1801
1434 Approx. 220 min.
1435 Approx. 260 min.