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Getting started
Reference Installing the software
Do not use paint thinner, benzene,
alcohol or any other organic solvents to
clean the machine. Doing so may cause
damage to the surface finish. Use a soft,
dry cloth to clean the machine.
Do not put any heavy objects or objects
containing water on top of the machine.
If water or any foreign object enters the
machine, contact the retail outlet where
the machine was purchased or your
local authorized service center. If you
continue to use the machine with water
or a foreign object in the machine, the
machine may be damaged or personal
injury could result.
Follow these guidelines to avoid fire, electric shock, or other damage.
Power Cord
Use only the authorized power source
(120V AC) for the machine.
Use only the power cord included with
the machine.
Do not handle the power cord or plug if
your hands are wet.
Do not overload the electrical outlet
sockets with too many appliances or
plug the power cord into a damaged
electrical outlet.
Do not cut, damage, alter or place heavy
objects on the power cord.
Do not use the power cord if it is
Ensure the power cord is correctly
inserted into the electrical outlet.
Always hold the power cord when
unplugging the power cord from or
plugging it into electrical outlet. Do not
pull on the power cord. The wire in the
electrical cord may become damaged.
Follow these guidelines to avoid fire, electric shock, or other damage.
The Machine
The electrical outlet should be close to the machine and be easily accessible.
Do not touch the cutter. Personal injury could result.
Do not expose the machine to direct sunlight or near heaters or other hot appliances,
in any area exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, high humidity or dusty
areas. Doing so could cause the machine to malfunction.
Power Cord
If the machine will not be used for an extended period, remove the power cord from
the electrical outlet.
Do not touch the blade of the cutter.
Do not open the top cover when the cutter is operating.
Put the machine on a flat, stable surface
such as a desk.
Do not put any heavy objects on top of
the machine.