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Label outlet maintenance
If a label causes the machine to jam
due to glue attached to the label outlet,
remove the power cord and clean the
label outlet with a cloth dipped into
ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.
Remove the backing paper and feed the edge of the
cleaning sheet into the printing unit until it reaches the area shown
by an arrow in the diagram below.
Insert the sheet without removing the part of the sheet.
Check that the printing surface of the cleaning sheet is facing upwards.
Close the DK Roll compartment cover and press the ON/OFF
button ( ) to turn the Brother QL-700 on.
Press the Feed button for more
than one second.
The roller spins by 4" (10 cm).
The adhesive face of the cleaning sheet
removes the stain or dust on the roller.
If you do not press the Feed button for
more than one second, the roller spins
only 1/3" (8 mm).
Dispose of the cleaning sheet after
Feed button
Label outlet