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Manufacturing / Warehouse Telecom / Datacom
Desktop Barcode &
Label Printers
The Brother PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN Desktop Barcode and Label Printers
produce high-quality laminated labels suitable for harsh environment applications.
With resolutions up to 360 x 720 dpi and a maximum print speed of 3.15 ips, the
PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN can be configured to print on-demand, laminated
labels that will fit many vertical market applications.
The printers use thermal transfer technology and self-contained cassettes that
include the adhesive-backed label and the lamination all in one. This drop-in cassette
makes it easy to change consumables - there are no transfer ribbons to install and
align, no need to remove wrinkles from a transfer ribbon, and no need to perform
density calibrations at any time. The continuous label cassettes give you the
flexibility to print labels of any length with a half-cut feature that allows multiple
labels to be printed on a single strip and peeled off as needed.
The powerful Brother P-touch
Editor label design software is included with each
printer to help you design and print customized, on-demand labels for just about
any application. You can create labels with text, graphics, and over 14 industry-
standard linear and 2D bar codes. In addition, you can use P-touch Editor to
connect to and print labels from a variety of data files, includes text and CSV files,
spreadsheets, and Microsoft
and SQL Server
A special feature with the PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN printers is that large label
print jobs can be distributed among multiple printers simultaneously. The number
of labels to be printed will be automatically divided among the selected printers.
Using this distributed printing mode will reduce the total printing time and reduce
overall throughput. Distributed printing is available via the USB and Ethernet
(PT-9800PCN) interfaces.
Two Models
• PT-9700PC, with USB and Serial interfaces
• PT-9800PCN, with standard USB, Host USB, Serial, and
Ethernet interfaces
Both printers measure 4.6" (W) x 7.6" (D) x 5.5" (H), and are perfect for areas
where space is at a premium.
A Wide Range of Connectivity
Both printers include USB and serial interfaces, while the PT-9800PCN also includes
a built-in Ethernet interface and a Host USB interface. This gives end users and
system integrators the flexibility to print labels from several different platforms and
using different data formats:
• USB, serial, and Ethernet interfaces for optimized Windows
• USB and Ethernet interfaces for printing from Macintosh
• Ethernet, USB, and serial interfaces for printing from non-Windows
applications using ESC/P emulation or direct ASCII data.
• Serial interface, using ESC/P emulation or ASCII data streams, to
connect directly to medical instruments, test equipment, handheld
terminals, postage scales, and other stand-alone devices.
• Host USB interface for connecting a USB scanner and printing labels
from scanned barcode data to label templates downloaded to the printer.
All images are for illustrative purposes only.
Manufacturing / Warehouse:
• Work-in-process labels
• Product and bin labels
• Asset management and calibration labels
Telecom / Datacom:
• Cable and wire markers
• Patch panels
• Asset management
• Specimen labels
• Test tube and slide labels
• Autoclave / Sterilization tray labels
• Freezer labels
• Shelf labels
• Small signage
P-touch laminated labels are designed and tested for use
in harsh environment applications to offer protection from
moisture, temperature extremes, industrial chemicals, UV,
and abrasion. Our Extra Strength Adhesive and Flexible ID
labels are UL recognized (UL-969) for indoor and outdoor
use. In addition, having the lamination applied as part of the
printing process saves time and eliminates the need for a
manual over-lamination process.
All printing is done on the underside of a clear polyester
lamination layer. The result is an extremely durable label that
stands up to the toughest conditions.
Harsh Environment Applications:
Laminated Tape Structure
Clear Polyester Laminate
(Protects against abrasion and spills)
Thermal Transfer Ink
(Prints Under Laminate)
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